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Favorite Poems

Favorite Poems

Автор: Longfellow


Раздел: Dover Publications

Издательство: Dover Publications
ISBN: 978-0-486-27273-3
Год: 1992

Серия: Dover thrift editions
Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 96
Язык: английский

2 125 тг.


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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) was the most popular American poet of his time, and one of the most famous American poets of all time. It has been said that certain of his poems-the long narratives Evangeline and The Song of Hiawatha most notably-were once read in every literate home in America. A former teacher who fulfilled his dream to make a living as a poet, Longfellow taught at Bowdoin and Harvard, was eventually honored for his poetry with degrees from Oxford and Cambridge, and is one of the few Americans to have a monument dedicated to his memory in Westminster Abbey. This choice collection of his works, which reflects his mastery of a rich variety of poetic forms and meters, includes one of his best narrative poems, The Courtship of Miles Standish. Here, too, are such famous poems as "The Village Blacksmith," "The Wreck of the Hesperus," "The Children's Hour," "Paul Revere's Ride," and other poems on subjects ranging from lost youth and Giotto's Tower to slavery and the building of a ship. Includes a selection from the Common Core State Standards Initiative: "Paul Revere's Ride."

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