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New Edition Inspiration 3. Student's Book

New Edition Inspiration 3. Student's Book

Автор: Garton-Sprenger Judy


Раздел: Учебники: доп. пособия

Издательство: Macmillan Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-230-40849-4
Год: 2012

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 0
Язык: английский

12 175 тг.


Поступление на склад 13.11.2016

New Inspiration takes all the best elements of the original course and adds some exciting new characteristics perfect for motivating and challenging teenage students. Popular aspects such as the authentic, varied and content-rich topics have been improved and enhanced. The cultural and cross-curricular nature of these topics features strongly throughout New Inspiration, alongside the strong skills development activities and tasks.KEY FEATURES:- New, brighter, up-to-date design, with new photos and illustrations but still recognisably Inspiration;- Even more cross-curricular and content-rich texts, with greater emphasis on vocabulary;- 'Your response' feature to encourage personalisation and critical thinking;- 'Extension' activities in the lessons to cater for mixed-ability classes;- 'Language Links' feature with a focus on plurilingalism.

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