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The Penultimate Truth

The Penultimate Truth

Автор: Dick Philip K.


Раздел: Daedalus Books

Издательство: Daedalus Books
ISBN: 978-1-4072-4639-0
Год: 2005

Серия: SF Masterworks
Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 256
Язык: английский

4 255 тг.


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World War III is raging — or so the millions of people crammed into their underground tanks believe, in this 1964 novel by Philip K. Dick. For 15 years, subterranean humanity has been fed on daily broadcasts of a never-ending nuclear devastation, sustained only by their belief in the all - powerful Protector. But up on the surface, a different kind of reality reigns: East and West are at peace, while across the planet, an elite corps of expert hoaxers preserve the lie for those below. A visionary, Hugo Award–winning author, Philip K. Dick was inducted posthumously into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. His stories have been made into such blockbuster films as Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report, and he was the first science fiction writer to be included in the Library of America series.

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