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Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary Cards

Автор: Freesen Gudrun


Раздел: Letterland International

Издательство: Letterland International
ISBN: 978-1-86209-268-6
Год: 2007

Страниц: 87
Язык: английский
Размеры: 244x188x21 мм

21 635 тг.


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Develop your pupils' vocabulary rapidly with these new double-sided cards that support reading and spelling. Guidelines are given for all sorts of phonemic awareness activities, for use as an assessment tool, and for developing the strategy of Reading by Analogy (over 290 words). There are 78 cards featuring words/pictures for each a-z letter sound. Arrows on the cards indicate high frequency words. Six photocopiable Rhyming Words Lists are included in the pack.

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