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English for Islamic Studies. Course Book

English for Islamic Studies. Course Book

Автор: Bedr Anna


Раздел: Garnet

Издательство: Garnet
ISBN: 978-1-85964-563-5
Год: 2012

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 140
Язык: английский

19 235 тг.


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An innovative new course for those studying English in the context of Islamic beliefs, history and current issues. Ideal for students seeking to develop transferable academic skills and strategies, such as: listening to talks and lectures, reading academic articles and books, taking part in discussions, giving presentations and writing academic essays. The syllabus concentrates on key vocabulary for different aspects of Islamic and religious studies, and on words and phrases commonly used in academic English. English for Islamic Studies has 15 units, each of which looks at a different aspect of Islam and its beliefs, culture and practices. Odd-numbered units concentrate on listening skills, while even-numbered units are centred on reading skills. Each unit is divided into three lessons: Lesson 1 contains vocabulary for the topic; vocabulary skills such as word-building, giving definitions and explanations; guidance on using synonyms for paraphrasing. Lesson 2 contains reading or listening texts and skills development. Lesson 3 contains speaking and/or writing tasks that recycle language and skills from the unit. The Skills check at the end of each unit is a useful summary of skills learnt or practised in the unit. There is also a glossary, vocabulary list and list of useful language exponents for each unit at the back of the book. Each unit provides between three and five hours of classroom activity, with the possibility of extra hours to be spent on suggested activities such as research, individual presentations or essay writing.

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