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Everyday Literacy. Listening & Speaking, Grade 1

Everyday Literacy. Listening & Speaking, Grade 1



Раздел: Evan-Moor

Издательство: Evan-Moor
ISBN: 978-1-60963-358-5
Год: 2000

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 80
Язык: английский
Размеры: 210x150 мм

3 280 тг.


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The perfect supplement to your core early reading program!Everyday Literacy: Listening and Speaking, Grade 1 helps you support reading and oral language development in your early reading program with fun, focused daily lessons.The 20 weekly units in grade 1 cover Reading First's Five Essential Components, including:Oral Vocabulary Development:- Relating new vocabulary to prior knowledge;- Identifying and sorting common words (colors, shapes foods);- Describing people, places, things, locations, and actions;- Determining the purpose for listening (getting information, solving problems, enjoyment);- Retelling a spoken message by summarizing;- Listening critically to interpret and evaluate;- Developing auditory memory;- Taking turns speaking in a group;Comprehension:- Making predictions;- Responding to open-ended questions;- Making inferences and drawing conclusions;- Making connections using illustrations, prior knowledge, and real-life experiences;- Identifying sequences of events;- Identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story;- Comparing and contrasting;- Distinguishing between fiction and nonfiction;- Determining cause and effect;- Retelling a story;Phonological Awareness:- Repeating auditory sequences of letters, words and patterns;- Identifying digraphs -ch, sh, th, and wh;- Blending words phoneme by phoneme;- Manipulating final sounds in a word;- Deleting initial sounds in a word;- Identifying medial short and long vowel sounds;

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