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Everyday Literacy. Reading & Writing, Grade PreK

Everyday Literacy. Reading & Writing, Grade PreK



Раздел: Evan-Moor

Издательство: Evan-Moor
ISBN: 978-1-60963-123-9
Год: 2000

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 80
Язык: английский
Размеры: 210x150 мм

3 280 тг.


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The perfect supplement to your core early reading program!Everyday Literacy: Reading and Writing, Grade PreK helps you introduce students to the 26 letters of the alphabet while they practice important literacy skills.The 20 weekly units in grade PreK cover:Print Awareness:- Understand that illustrations carry meaning;- Begin to understand the print runs from left to right and top to bottom;- Understand that reading and writing are ways to communicate thoughts;- Begin to understand that speech can be written down;- Visually discriminate between letters;Phonological Awareness:- Begin to make letter-sound associations;- Begin to attend to the initial sound in familiar words;- Identify the initial sound of a spoken word;- Isolate the initial sound of a spoken word;- Identify words that begin with the same sound;Alphabet Knowledge:- Begin to associate letters with their names;- Begin to associate names with their shapes;- Identify uppercase and lowercase letters;Oral Language Development:- Recite short poems, rhymes, and songs;- Respond orally to simple questions;- Listen for different purposes;Writing:- Develop fine motor skills through drawing and tracing;- Write letters or letter-like shapes to produce words or ideas;- Dictate or produce "writing" to express thoughts;- Practice letter formation;- Print uppercase and lowercase letters;Comprehension:- Make connections using illustrations, prior knowledge, and real-life experiences;- Recognize main idea;- Recall details;- Make inferences and draw conclusions;- Identify sequence of events;- Compare and contrast;- Distinguish between real and make-believe;- Determine cause and effect;- Categorize and classify;- Make connections using illustrations;

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