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Fiesta! Nivel 1 Cuaderno

Fiesta! Nivel 1 Cuaderno



Раздел: En Clave-Ele

Издательство: En Clave-Ele
ISBN: 978-2-09-034365-6
Год: 2006

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 80
Размеры: 274x206 мм

6 280 тг.


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Fiesta is a two-level serie for 13-15 year old adolescents who are just beginning to study Spanish. Its funcional and pragmatic view of the language makes it simple and Fiesta is a series for teenagers who have just started to study Spanish. Its functional and pragmatic view of the language makes this course simple and effective in classroom. Fiesta is the story of a group of teenagers from different countries who discover the Spanish language and culture through different communicative situations.-Real documents to work the contents in context. Real documents to work the contents in context. Speaking and oral interaction activities. Activities in order to develop and integrate the contents already studied. Grammar contents. Listening activities. Reading and writing activities. Cultural and crosscultural issues. Pronunciation and spelling. Final global activity or task and summarize of grammar contents. At the end of each lesson there is a self-evaluation according to European Portfolio. Multilingual glossary in 5 languages is included.

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