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Hip Hotels: Atlas (Compact)

Hip Hotels: Atlas (Compact)

Автор: Herbert Ypma


Раздел: Thames&Hudson

Издательство: Thames&Hudson
ISBN: 978-0-500-28569-5
Год: 2007

Страниц: 528
Язык: английский

6 020 тг.


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As the world gets smaller and our travel options get broader, our lives get busier and our holidays ever more precious. We want to be certain of making a decision we will not regret. More than that – we want experiences that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.Enter Herbert Ypma, perennial traveller and arbiter of hotel cool. With HIP HOTELS ATLAS, Ypma presents a global range of truly unforgettable experiences.Covering six continents, this book opens up a world of opportunities. You may be tempted by a classic Italian palazzo with its own black-sand beach, a magnificent mud kasbah in a lush oasis, an authentic Japanese inn with a traditional Zen ambience, a contemporary Tasmanian pavilion overlooking idyllic turquoise waters, a rugged log cabin in the heart of the American Wild West, or a laid-back but überstylish Brazilian beach shack. The eighty varied and Highly Individual Places in this seductive collection will have you packing your bags and planning your escape.Every one of the hotels featured is a dream come true. All combine fabulous design, incredible architecture and heartstopping locations. From Alpine farmhouse to fantasy ice palace, Moorish mansion to modernist concrete bunker, these unique destinations offer emotive style in a spectacular setting.

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