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Masters: Glass Beads. Major Works by Leading Artists

Masters: Glass Beads. Major Works by Leading Artists

Автор: Books Lark


Раздел: Sterling Publishing

Издательство: Sterling Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-57990-924-6
Год: 2008

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 336
Язык: английский
Размеры: 229x203x23 мм

11 440 тг.


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The art of glass bead-making has exploded in popularity during the past decade - and these awe-inspiring examples, exquisitely fashioned by 40 of the world's top creators, reveal why. Explore Bruce St. John Maher's fused and faceted landscape beads, the vitreous painted surface of Bronwen Heilman's glass and Kate Fowle Meleny's luminous electroformed glass beads that seem almost like sculptures. In this classic series, every artist receives a lavish eight-page feature with approximately a dozen high-quality images of his or her most impressive work, along with a biography and personal commentary, providing insight into the motivations and inspiration behind each piece.

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