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Moving from 7th to 8th Grade

Moving from 7th to 8th Grade



Раздел: Evan-Moor

Издательство: Evan-Moor
ISBN: 978-1-60963-440-7
Год: 2012

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 144
Язык: английский
Размеры: 272x213x13 мм

5 845 тг.


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Help your 7th grader make a smooth transition to 8th grade by keeping his or her skills sharp over the summer. Full-color pages and a variety of brief but challenging activities provide skills practice in all the main subject areas, including reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, grammar, math, spelling, and geography. With just one or two activities per day over a 10-week period, Daily Summer Activities keeps your student's brain in shape without getting in the way of vacation time. Subject areas and topics include: Each week includes: fiction or nonfiction reading passages with 4 comprehension questions each, spelling words, activities practicing a variety of grammar and usage skills, sentence-editing activity to correct capitalization, punctuation, and other errors, vocabulary activity practicing skills such as compound words, word parts, synonyms, and homographs, math activities practicing skills such as word problems, fractions, decimals, and measurement, geography activity testing basic map-reading skills and concepts, creative writing exercises, critical-thinking activity, form to jot down memorable moments and keep a reading log. The book also includes an easy-to-read chart showing you exactly which skills your student will be practicing in each subject area every week.

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