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Автор: Tricia Guild


Раздел: Quadrille Publishing Ltd

Издательство: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-84400-326-6
Год: 2006

Переплет: твердый переплет
Страниц: 224
Язык: английский

11 160 тг.


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Tricia Guild is known for her bold and original fabric and wallpaper collections and her extraordinary ability to use colour and pattern in decoration. She is inspired by fabrics, techniques, motifs and designs from all over the world and from every period of history - brocades and damasks from the Far East; the rich history of botanical illustration and flower painting; checks, plaids and stripes from northern Europe; vibrant ethnic prints from India and Central America; painterly designs from Chinese and European porcelain; the bold abstracts and geometric patterns of contemporary painters. Today, there has probably never been more popular interest in pattern. After what seems like decades of white walls, pattern on wallpaper and fabric are making a timely comeback in our interiors. As one of the world's leading designers, Tricia Guild is in the vanguard of this exciting pattern revival. Indeed, pattern has always been vital to her way of working, second only to her bold and innovative approach to colour. Her masterful mixing of large and small-scale patterns in a variety of contrasting colours, finishes and textures, is renowned throughout the world, and can be seen in detail in the specially designed room sets that illustrate this book. Taking traditional motifs or designs and giving them a modern twist, finding surprising contemporary uses for forgotten techniques such as flock printing and applique, and reinterpreting the ikats, crewelwork, quilting and other techniques seen on travels everywhere from New York to India are vital to her way of working. This book celebrates pattern in all of its wonderful diversity.

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