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Sigue 2 Student's book

Sigue 2 Student's book

Автор: John Connor


Раздел: Hodder&Stoughton

Издательство: Hodder&Stoughton
ISBN: 978-0-7195-8525-8
Год: 2001

Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 229

6 005 тг.


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This volume forms part two of the two-stage successor to Sigue!. It shares the same aim of providing a practical, motivating and lively progression to Advanced Level Spanish. It is the student's book, and features varied task formats, texts, and progression from a realistic starting point. The second edition also contains: a new unit on advanced study skills; regular development of study skills throughout; new units on the themes of modern Spain in the European context, education and career opportunities, work and technology, community relationships in the Hispanic societies, law and order, the environment, a dossier case study of Catalunya, and Spanish as a world language; factual background on aspects of Hispanic life and culture; practical guidance on pronunciation and intonation; emphasis on systematic grammar practice via listening as well as reading; and a new assessment unit, constructed to meet A Level requirements.

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