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Sky Starter. Teacher's Book Pack

Sky Starter. Teacher's Book Pack

Автор: Patricia Mugglestone


Раздел: Pearson

Издательство: Pearson
ISBN: 978-1-4058-4477-2
Год: 2006

Серия: Sky
Страниц: 0
Язык: английский

4 340 тг.


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Sky is a new course for young students. Flexible and easy to teach, Sky gives students the motivation to learn and the confidence to succeed in English.- Real people, relevant language and authentic topics bring language learning to life- Clearly-presented grammar with easy-to-use 'Look and learn' boxes leads to meaningful communication activities. This is supported by a comprehensive grammar reference section at the back of the Students' Book- Lively 'Across Cultures' and 'Across the Curriculum' sections give students an appreciation of the world outside the classroom

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