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Super Suite Interior. World Premier Hotel Design

Super Suite Interior. World Premier Hotel Design



Раздел: ACC Distribution

Издательство: ACC Distribution
ISBN: 978-4-309-80002-8
Год: 2006

Переплет: твердый переплет
Страниц: 192
Язык: английский

28 580 тг.


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Hotels around the world will offer a 'Presidential Suite' or 'Royal Suite' for the use of VIP guests. Some of these wuites are larger than 1000 square meters, and some provide special security measures. In London, the famous Claridge s Hotel has a Royla Suite that s used by the British Royal Family so often that it s been given the nickname 'Buckingham Palace Annex'. During a two-week period when President Reagan stayed in the Presidential Suite in new York s landmark waldorf Towers, the floors above and below his suite were kept empty, and the ceilings, floors and walls were carefully checked for listening devices. it is said that for security reasons, Reagan slept in an adjoining room, rather than the master bedroom. A top-class Presidential Suite may include a private lobby, a drawing room with attached toilet, a dining/meeting room, a library/study, a main bedroom with attached bath, a second bedroom with attached bath, guest bedrooms and other facilities.This lavishly illustrated publication looks at the very best Super Suites, which cater for VIPs in Europe America and Asia.

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