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The Origin Of Species

The Origin Of Species

Автор: Darwin Charles


Раздел: CRW Publishing

Издательство: CRW Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-904633-78-5
Год: 2004

Серия: CollLibra
Переплет: твердый переплет
Страниц: 576
Язык: английский

7 795 тг.


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In The Origin of Species Darwin outlined his theory of evolution, which proposed that species had been evolving and differentiating over time under the influence of natural selection. On its publication it became hugely influential, bringing about a seismic shift in the scientific view of humanitys place in the world that is still controversial today. It is both a brilliant work of science and also a clear, vivid and at times even moving piece of writing that reflects both Darwins genius and his boundless enthusiasm for the natural world.

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