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White Fang. Level Elementary

White Fang. Level Elementary

Автор: Jack London


Раздел: Macmillan Publishers

Издательство: Macmillan Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-230-03440-2
Год: 2008

Серия: Macmillan Readers
Переплет: мягкая обложка
Страниц: 71
Язык: английский
Размеры: 125x195 мм

3 880 тг.


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The man kept talking. There was kindness in his voice, and it gave White Fang a strange new feeling. Now the man's hand moved nearer and nearer to his head. White Fang moved his head down under the hand, growling. Men's hands had hurt him many times, and he could not forget that.White Fang - half dog, half wolf - grows up in the wild but soon becomes the property of Gray Beaver, a Yukon Indian. White Fang knows only the cruelty of man and the violence of nature - until he is rescued by kindness.

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